About Us

Experience and Proven Performance

Our more than 40 years of first-hand experience working with over 3,000 businesses in more than 100 industries has enabled us to develop proven processes and services which we customize so your business can rapidly achieve all your goals and objectives

We’ve worked with some of the world’s most successful and fastest growing businesses; from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized businesses, and even start ups. Having personally witnessed their triumphs as well as their failures; we have distilled the common components that contributed to their successes and to achieving consistent and predictable growth.

We recognize that every business has unique circumstances, strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities. Our proven processes and our outstanding team have demonstrated success and adaptability, consistently providing superior results for businesses that are committed to profitable growth and performance improvement. 

Our Founders

Jeff M. Wilson

Jeff began his passion for business at age 4 while working in the family retail store started by his grandfather in New York City. He first consulted with businesses at age 18, when he became a licensed insurance agent.  After graduating from the Wharton Business School at age 20, where he was trained by one of the principal advisers to the DuPont family, he worked with leading boutique consulting firms and insurance companies in helping to develop software, training, and compensation plans for 150 of  the Fortune 1000 Companies. Jeff has over 40 years’ experience as a Family Wealth Adviser, was awarded “5 Star Wealth Manager” by 5280 Magazine, and has been a Business Adviser, Consultant &  Award-winning Coach for more than 30 years. He is a Certified Business Coach, having been recognized as one of the “Top 100” Worldwide.

Jeff has served on the Boards of non-profit  community institutions, owned 6 businesses, and helped thousands of business owners, and executives achieve their personal and business goals.  His passions are learning, family, community service, and of course, business.

Jake Wilson

For the last decade, Jake has studied, learned from, and personally tested various sales processes and methodologies, as well as how to best manage sales teams for maximum performance and retention. 

During this time he has helped companies with their sales processes, sales strategies, management structure, and training programs in over 12 industries. The impact on companies is dramatic;  massive increases in revenue, profits, hiring, and employee retention. 

By customizing and tailoring his proven structures and processes for each company, Jake has delivered increased sales, profits, and performance, regardless of industry. Building and growing successful sales teams by customizing proven structures and processes enables each business, sales team, and sales team member to dramatically exceed their goals.

Taking new techniques, ideas, and strategies, and combining them with the tried and true ways of the past results in a “bridge” between the science of sales with the art of sales. 

This methodology is what Jake calls “Sales in the 21st Century”